Dandolo Flumini — "A Visual Language for Insurance Contracts"

As part of our initiative to meet industry demand for formalized and machine interpretable (legal) contracts, we present our new "visual language for insurance contracts". We discuss syntax and semantics as well as its relation to other contract languages.

Lorenz Halbeisen — "An introduction to permutation models with an application to Koenig’s Lemma"

In the first part of the talk, it will be shown how permutation models (i.e., models of set theory with atoms) are constructed. In the second part of the talk, it will be shown that Koenig's Lemma for binary 0-1-trees does not imply Koenig's Lemma for full binary trees.

Eveline Lehmann — "Topological models for Justification Logic"

Baltag et al. have defined topological models for evidence logic. Within these models they defined arguments and justifications. The goal of my ongoing research is to check whether and how these definitions can be used to define topological models for justification logic.